The Mangoes are Bret Bingham and Tim Morse.

Bret Bingham's music has appeared on multiple television and cable shows including Access Hollywood, Fox's Brimstone, E True Hollywood Story and MTV's Made.  Bret's latest solo album is The Well Curve and was released in 2017.

Tim Morse was a member of the Jerry Jennings Band and Parallels (Yes tribute).  His first album of original music was called Transformation (released in 2005). Transformation and the following albums Faithscience and III were well received in the Progressive Rock community.  Tim's most recent album is a retrospective entitled The Archaeology Project.  He is also a published author and his book Yesstories has sold over 20,000 copies worldwide. His book Classic Rock Stories was published by the St. Martin's Press and was featured on the Howard Stern show. He continues to write for various music magazines.